Here’s an Intersight Quiz for you

Hey Cisco Intersight users – here’s a quiz for you.  Hopefully it will give the reader some insight on how to decipher the crazy logic used to name policy types in Cisco Intersight.

Let’s begin with a (partial) screendump of a the progress of a UCS Domain Profile being deployed in Intersight.

Now, here’s the question:

In the exhibit above, which Intersight Policy is being validated in the outlined section?

  1. The DNS, NTP and Timezone Policy
  2. The Network Connectivity Policy
  3. The IP Addressing Policy
  4. The Name Server Policy
  5. The DNS Policy

The correct answer (of course) is B
A is only for HyperFlex*, and C, D and E are not valid Policy types in Intersight.

So my message to Cisco is this.

You wouldn’t send a Sales Rep to a meeting with your customers wearing budgie smugglers and thongs, so you should expect the same standards from your software’s customer-facing interface, which is more and more becoming the behemoth known as Intersight!

How about you rename the Network Connectivity Policy to the DNS Policy, to match the Profile Deployment’s version of the name?

While you are at it – how about you make the Ethernet Network Policy a bit clearer too – I haven’t quite worked out if this refers ONLY to the VLAN Policy, of if this Validation/Deployment is actually more than just one Policy type.


*I don’t know WHY HyperFlex has its own special inconsistent Policy Set. Add that to the list of questions for Cisco!

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