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IPv6 addresses to be allocated as /56 slices. Or will they?

[WARNING: This article may include language that may offend Service Providers, and include terms that are incomprehensible to the non-IPv6 aware] Today while I was discussing today about how Service Providers should allocate IPv6 addresses to home-user type customers, I … Continue reading

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Where was the news flash when Dennis Ritchie passed away?

I missed it. Didn’t see the headline either. Clearly not following the right people on twitter. But for those who know who I mean when I say “K&R” will have probably done a programming course at some time, and recognise … Continue reading

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Goodbye Mr Wysiwyg

Many will remember Steve Jobs fir the iPhone, iPad and other iFads. But I remember seeing first the Lisa, then the Macintosh, the first mass-market WYSIWYG computer. In 1985 I drooled when I saw the Macintosh computer coupled with the … Continue reading

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