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  1. Lori Burton says:

    Great reading yoour post

  2. dutchtech says:

    I updated workbench…….14GB..compressed lol…yeah I should have done something to reduce the size but I live in Holland where it’s not possible to get a connection under 20Mbit….so this isn’t an issue here, except for my dad….he gets to enjoy what little forests and wildlife we have left 😉

    • Great work – but let me warn folk that it best to watch your video with the volume turned down! Also, the reason that GNS3 WB is not distributed with images is because of copyright, so my advice is to keep it that way.
      Thanks for your efforts.

  3. Hi Chris,
    Just a follow up to see if your had a chance to scan in those Manuals yet ? If your out of time, I am able to do them for you as I now have a proper Book Scanner.

  4. Hi Chris,
    Unfortunately thats a common situation, we have all thrown out stuff from way back never realising its future need. Anyway, a scan of the manuals for each of Extended Turtle, Early Word and Let’s Eat Worms would be fantastic though. We already have the Extended Turtle & Early Word programs so the manuals would be a great addition to them. Still trying to find Lets Eat Worms, but the manual would a great help. Are you in a position to scan them ?

  5. Hi Chris,
    Arr so you were the Nectar Software man for all those Microbee titles back in 80’s :). I’m from the MSPP ( ) where we are trying to preserve everything Microbee. We already have a number of your titles in out collection but far from complete. You wouldnt happen to have retain any of your old software in any form by any chance ? Would love to complete the Nectar collection.
    Alan Laughton

    • Alan,

      After several house moves since “way back then”, I’m afraid I don’t have much. I still have my MicroWorld 16k BASIC manual, and a copy of a manual for each of Extended Turtle, Early Word, and Let’s Eat Worms. I kind of wish I still had the source code for some of these, but unfortunately I never got around to copying it to a different format while I still had equipment that I could have used to do so.

    • It will take time, but I will scan them (Even if it means taking the shrink-wrap off the Early Word manual). Wow – desktop publishing back then was a different world. I remember creating the masters for these by printing to a daisy-wheel printer and then sticking the diagrams and pictures in by hand before sending them to the offset printer! For the simpler programs, we used to photocopy the one or two pages of instructions at home on a cranky copier that took up half the room!

      • Fantastic, thank you. Yes things were very different back then but somehow we got the job done with the simplest of equipment. Like even the Microbee with about 56kb of available memory to load in Wordstar and still be able to write a 1000 page novel. Those were the days 🙂
        Is it possible to scan at 300 dpi colour or greyscale (not B&W) and save as whatever suits you.
        Thanks again,

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