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My Dream Machine. 2012 version.

I bought my laptop in 2009. Way back then I was fairly happy with Apple’s spec of a gorgeous 17″ MacBook Pro laptop with 4+ hour of battery life running with 8GB RAM and a 500MB HDD – although I … Continue reading

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Renewing IPv6 address on Macintosh OS X

I just re-configured my router with its IPv6 address (which I got free from, and noticed that my Macintosh had not picked up an address yet – so I went looking for a command that would ask the IPv6 … Continue reading

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Just how many IPv6 addresses are there? Really?

When I began this article I planned to debunk a couple of myths show that the number of IPv6 addresses is not really as huge as people made out. I have logic to show that really there is only a … Continue reading

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Ad choices? Am I going all commercial? WordPress has offered me a chance to have ad choices on my blog. Not too sure if I like it, but I’ve followed a couple of the links and they seem reasonable. In … Continue reading

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Cisco ACE: Insert Client IP Address

Cisco ACE: Insert Client IP Address

Tony Burke has just posted this article that’s worth reading and will certainly also help with anyone struggling to understand the concept of “Persistence rebalance”

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Moving GNS3 WorkBench to a physical machine/disk

GNS3 WorkBench user Malaya Manas has posted instructions here on his blog to show how to port GNS3 WorkBench to a physical disk/USB. The process of converting Virtual Machines to Physical is known as V2P. It sounds a bit tricky … Continue reading

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GNS3 WorkBench 5.8 ready to download

I’ve just finished uploading GNS3 WB 5.8 on Didn’t achieve everything I wanted – too hard to get it all working on Ubuntu 10.10. Especially ASA and Qemu. But it does have GNS3 0.8.2, VPCs 0.3 and a few … Continue reading

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