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Linking your Virtual Machine’s adapters to your Host PC using GNS3-WorkBench

GNS3-Workbench uses multiple virtualisation techniques – not only do you have to be comfortable that the GNS3 routers use virtual hardware, but you also have to understand the implications of running the GNS3 application in a Virtualised Ubuntu Machine. Hopefully, … Continue reading

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VMWare Interfaces Tutorial

If you are new to VMWare and the concept of Virtual Machines, or even if you have been working with them for a while but don’t quite understand how the Virtual Machine accesses the network through your host machine, then … Continue reading

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Finding vmnetcfg.exe in VMware Player 3.1.4

vmnetcfg.exe is an essential tool if you want to manage a Windows host computer’s virtual interfaces (like VMnet1 and VMnet8). If comes with VMware Player, but is buried very deep and you need to know where to look to find … Continue reading

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Finding the BSSID of the Access Point your Macintosh is connected to

I have three APs in my house (upstairs, downstairs and in my lady’s chamber;)) and in following the principles of good networking design, I have given them all the same SSID. Trouble is, when I move from upstairs to downstairs … Continue reading

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How to do CCNA exam routing simulation questions

I’ve just received the following for a student who failed his first CCNA attempt: “I had a problem with the EIGRP routing simulation. Another person who sat this exam & passed had the same simulation and neither of us could … Continue reading

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Rant on Cisco Exams

Did Cisco 642-972 exam today (passed) but found a a question with a phrase that I was not familiar with “data center entry” – and to answer the question I had to know the difference between “server load balancing” and … Continue reading

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