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Mysteries of the Macintosh Spotlight Search

I’d read the help file on Spotlight when I first got my Mac, and knew I could enter search criteria like “filename: invoice” to restrict my searches to filenames, and I’d always noticed that Spotlight searches mail messages too. But … Continue reading

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Gotta love wikipedia – and ambiguity

When the Charlotte’s Web xkcd comic came out recently, I of course had to check the wikipedia article that it referred to, and have a read of the talk page. Here I found some that argued that the ambiguity of … Continue reading

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Upgrading GNS3 WorkBench to GNS3 v0.8.3

If you are running GNS3 WorkBench and would like to upgrade GNS3 to the latest 0.8.3, here is how you do it. Thanks to JJ for asking. Summary: cd ~/Downloads wget unzip rm -rf /opt/GNS3/docs/ rm -rf /opt/GNS3/qemuwrapper/ … Continue reading

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Apple’s deeply buried airport command

I wanted to check which wireless AP my new Mac had connected to, so I entered the command: airport -I …but it didn’t work!  I’d become so used to using this on my MBP that I’d forgotten that this command … Continue reading

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