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Making the Digicel Dongle work on a Macintosh for the Data Nets/Online South Pacific inetMobile network

I’ve had many attempts, an I may have missed some of the initial steps, like loading the .dmg image and running an install – can’t remember that bit. So I have to assume that you have managed to get the … Continue reading

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Broadcom NIC won’t capture in promiscuous mode

I had a bunch of Windows XP PCs with Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Adapters that refused to capture (in Wireshark) traffic that had been directed to it using a monitor session command (on a Cisco switch). It would see broadcast … Continue reading

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Making Ubuntu-Gnome forget “open with” settings

I tried to open a text file with Ubuntu’s Document Viewer  – turns out it doesn’t read text files.  However, now whenever I go right-click on a text file it gives me the option to “Open with Document Viewer” which … Continue reading

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GNS3 WorkBench Install

I’ve moved this to here

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Changing Ubuntu/Gnome Login Startup Applications

You can turn on or off or add applications you want to run each time you log in to Ubuntu/Gnome (specifically Ubuntu v10.10, Gnome v2.32.0) by clicking System->Preferences->Startup Applications, but if you want to actually add/remove/turn on/off items via a … Continue reading

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