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some of the controls on this property sheet are disabled…

I saw this error on a Windows XP box recently when I went to change an IP address – the message continued to tell me that another properties dialogue open, and that I should close that. I couldn’t find another … Continue reading

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The Access VLAN is dead. Long live the Native VLAN.

I saw a question recently that asked “What is the point of the Native VLAN?” – and I could sense a degree of frustration in the question caused by Cisco’s weird way of describing untagged VLANs differently on different port … Continue reading

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Problem: Can’t get console to open in GNS3 WorkBench

I’ve just had someone with this problem.  It is a fairly common situation, and mostly it is easily solved, but the steps are not obvious so I have outlined them here: When you start a GNS3 Workbench exercise or lab, … Continue reading

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