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Rant on Microsoft Word – Need “Keep with Previous”

I’m sick of having paragraphs of text in Microsoft Word that won’t stick together as I would like. MS Word’s answer is to have a paragraph property that says “Keep with next“. Now this is pretty stupid, because when you … Continue reading

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Laptops or Desktops in a Classroom?

The desktop is all but dead. Rumours abound (1) (2) how Apple is going to drop the Mac Pro (the desktop version of an Apple) and Laptop sales have outstripped desktop sales since 2008, (Wiki)(Reuters). So why would anyone buy … Continue reading

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CCNA – Now What?

I just answered a question on another forum and thought the answer might be worth posting here. I’ve just finished CCNA. Of course, the guys I’m talking to, they are motivating me to do their CCNP course as well. Do … Continue reading

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