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Cisco Related

AIPC – Advanced InterProcess Communications. A proprietary low-level control protocol which is used for communication between the VSMs and VEMs, and also VSM to VSM. Please note that control messages are also encrypted. Source
CIMC – Cisco Integrated Management Controller (for UCS firmware management). It exists as a chip on the motherboard of each blade server
CMIC – Cisco Management Integration Center (The CMIC registry provides a Java API for registration, unregistration, and lookup of management services.)
CMC – Chassis Management Controller (on the Cisco UCS IOM)
CMS – Chassis Management Switch (on the Cisco UCS IOM)
IOM – Input/Output MUX = FEX for UCS
IPMI = Intelligent Platform Management Interface
PNuOS – Processor Node Utility Operating System, serves as a “pre-OS configuration agent” for the blade, now named UCSuOS. Source
SVS – Server Virtualization Switch. Source
UCS – Unified Computing System
UCSuOS – UCS Utility Operating System, serves as a “pre-OS configuration agent” for the blade, previously named PNuOS. Source
UUOS – see UCSuOS. The DCUFI lab guide referes to UUOS rather than UCSuOS.
VEM – Virtual Ethernet Module (Nexus 1000V)
VSM – Virtual Supervisor Module (Nexus 1000V)
VSM – Video Surveillance Manager (Cisco have a product with this name)

Data Centre

ACI – Application Centric Infrastructure
APIC – Application Policy Infrastructure Controller
MIT – Management Information Tree

HVAC – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.


VIM – Virtual Infrastructure Methodology. Source


RSSI – Received Signal Strength Indicator. Measured in arbitrary “Indicator” units (wiki). Note that the Apple airport utility reports RSSI units as dBm, but that as stupid as saying “the link speed is 10Mb” or “the rainfall was 10ml”

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  1. Vito Muñoz says:

    CMIC – Cisco Management Integration Center (for UCS firmware management) is really know as
    CIMC, with in the UCSmanager. Same words for each letter, but CIMC is pronounced SimSee.

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