GNS3 WorkBench default password

The GNS3 WorkBench Appliance password for the user called user is ….


The vyatta router included in GNS3 WB v8.6 has a user called vyatta with a password of vyatta123

Some labs may have passwords – these will be disclosed in the Instructions for that lab


8 Responses to GNS3 WorkBench default password

  1. SGX says:

    “The only password you will ever need is …password”

    Sorry, Not true… I’m stuck trying to get into enable mode… yes I can fiddle with the stored config and restart GNS3 but restoring admin access into a router is not the focus of my study at the moment…

    • rednectar says:

      You need to be more specific – WHICH exercise? It could be that you don’t NEED to get into privileged mode on the particular router to complete the given task. Or there is another way to get to the router that you haven’t tried yet (without editing the config files) – this being part of the challenge of the exercise.

  2. david says:

    what is the user name and password on the router? in the simulation I tried opening a router and it asked for a username and password I tried “user” and “password” for the password but no dice

    • rednectar says:

      If you are referring to the exercise with the Suva LAN and Boroko LAN, where the instructions say “Your job is to configure Acme3 Router” and you are trying to get into the Acme2 router, then the answer is simple.
      There is no username or password. BUT I have put the following lines in the config

      line con 0
        login local

      which means that you are completely locked out of console access.

      However… I have left a back-door.

      Your job is to find it (evil laugh) Mmmhahahahahaaaaa

      Note: Strictly speaking, you don’t need to find the back door to complete the exercise, but since I don’t tell you which routing protocol to use, it would be nice to be able to gain access to Acme2 to find out which Routing Protocol is being used, but there are other ways of finding that out.

  3. Riaan Smith says:

    The sudo su command, followed by “password” worked perfectly, thank you…

  4. Greg P. says:

    I will try that. Thanks again.

  5. Greg P. says:

    What is the root or su password? The “password” password doesn’t seem to work. I need this in order to install Qemu for ASA.

    Thanks for your hard work!!
    Greg P.

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