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The Access VLAN is dead. Long live the Native VLAN.

I saw a question recently that asked “What is the point of the Native VLAN?” – and I could sense a degree of frustration in the question caused by Cisco’s weird way of describing untagged VLANs differently on different port … Continue reading

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CCNA – Now What?

I just answered a question on another forum and thought the answer might be worth posting here. I’ve just finished CCNA. Of course, the guys I’m talking to, they are motivating me to do their CCNP course as well. Do … Continue reading

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NEVER use the “no exec-timeout” command!

When configuring a cisco router or switch, you may have been told that you can stop your console or telnet sessions from timing out by using the following configuration: line con 0 !(or line vty 0 4) no exec-timeout !DON’T … Continue reading

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How to do CCNA exam routing simulation questions

I’ve just received the following for a student who failed his first CCNA attempt: “I had a problem with the EIGRP routing simulation. Another person who sat this exam & passed had the same simulation and neither of us could … Continue reading

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