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Is GNS3 going commercial? Surely Not!

I was firstly delighted, then dismayed by an email that appeared in my inbox this morning. It read: Hey GNS3, We are completely rebuilding GNS3 and want your help! In 2013, we are going to be building a brand new … Continue reading

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How to convert GNS3WB to ESXi from ESXi command line:

Many thanks to David Dionne who has has submitted the following: Get the WorkBench to your esxi storage via scp or vsphere client ssh into esxi server or access the console with Alt-F1 over ipmi1.5/2 or from local keyboard and … Continue reading

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Juniper Olive Step-by-step on

I’ve had a couple of questions about running Juniper Olive – I haven’t done it, but if you go to this link, you will see a “How To” and a link to a couple of videos.

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Linking your Host PC and Guest OS to devices in GNS3 WorkBench

Once you become familiar with GNS3, the thought soon strikes – how can I get my PC to talk to the routers in my GNS3 configuration? Since GNS3 WorkBench operates within a virtual machine, the process is a little more … Continue reading

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Excellent MPLS configuration example

Just found this: It includes all you need to get an MPLS VPN network running in GNS3 (except of course the IOS)

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The Illusive Art of Acquiring A Good Idle-PC Value

One of the most difficult problems new users have to come to grips with when starting out with GNS3 is the concept of an Idle-PC. Get it right, and you will have a great GNS3 experience. Try to ignore it, … Continue reading

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