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Application Gems

Everyone has their favourite applications, and every now and then you find a gem that you wonder how you ever lived without. Here are my “gems”, I hope you find some of them as useful as I have. Some of … Continue reading

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Finding the BSSID of the Access Point your Macintosh is connected to

I have three APs in my house (upstairs, downstairs and in my lady’s chamber;)) and in following the principles of good networking design, I have given them all the same SSID. Trouble is, when I move from upstairs to downstairs … Continue reading

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Making Finder Quit

At last – thanks to I’ve found a way to get rid of that pesky Finder Application. I use Path Finder now – one of the best value apps for Mac.

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iTerm2 goes to beta

Anyone of Macintosh ilk who uses the terminal app regularly should think about ditching it and start using iTerm2 – I’ve been using alpha versions of iTerm2 since George Nachman took over the development of the original iTerm app … Continue reading

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bad interpreter: No such file or directory when running perl script on OS X

I found a perl script that refused to run on Max OSX. I would consistently get: #: bad interpreter: No such file or directory This link set me on the right direction by suggesting that there were DOS CR characters … Continue reading

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Making the Digicel Dongle work on a Macintosh for the Data Nets/Online South Pacific inetMobile network

I’ve had many attempts, an I may have missed some of the initial steps, like loading the .dmg image and running an install – can’t remember that bit. So I have to assume that you have managed to get the … Continue reading

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Creating ISO files in OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

I found a lot of rubbish that probably was relevant to earlier versions of OS X, but the most relevant were: 1. If you have some stuff on your hard disk that you want to make into an .iso. reading

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