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Clearly too much frenzy at click frenzy

It was advertised as The Sale that stops a nation JOIN THE FRENZY AT 7PM EDST, NOVEMBER 20, 2012 IN… Click Frenzy is Australia’s first national online-only mega-sale! I heard about this mega-sale when at the vMware forum (Sydney) last … Continue reading

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Is GNS3 going commercial? Surely Not!

I was firstly delighted, then dismayed by an email that appeared in my inbox this morning. It read: Hey GNS3, We are completely rebuilding GNS3 and want your help! In 2013, we are going to be building a brand new … Continue reading

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What is the best forum for blogging?

Here’s an excerpt from an email I received today: I’m thinking about trying a blog – to be able to post and share comments I have collected but I still struggle with what’s the best forum, a traditional blog, twitter, … Continue reading

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A patent on DNSSEC domains? Is this the end of the FREE internet?

Verisign’s Patent Application for the Transfer of DNSSEC Domains could be a serious blow to the freedom of the internet. DNSSEC is a strategy to prevent the compromising of DNS records by having DNS information digitally signed. DNSSEC isan extension … Continue reading

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Time for better International Awareness from companies providing International Service

In the early days of the Internet it was common for many websites to assume the audience was a) English speaking and b) North American. Given the importance of and target audience for the business conducted on the Internet in … Continue reading

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Ramblings on a not-so-smooth migration to Mountain Lion

I skipped Lion. Went straight from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion, and some things have been worth it, others not so good. First the good. The killer feature that convinced me that I wanted to upgrade was the fact that … Continue reading

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Why I wouldn’t bother with Enhanced VPC

This article explains why I think using Cisco’s Enhanced VPC may not be the best design when using dual-attached servers for two prime reasons: It does not add any additional redundancy to the design It does add complexity to the … Continue reading

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