Making the Digicel Dongle work on a Macintosh for the Data Nets/Online South Pacific inetMobile network

I’ve had many attempts, an I may have missed some of the initial steps, like loading the .dmg image and running an install – can’t remember that bit.

So I have to assume that you have managed to get the dongle drivers installed, and you are sitting in front of the default screen for the Digicel Dongle software looking something like this:

Now I know that selecting Papua New Guinea from the list of countries DOESN’T let you connect to the OSP network.

Instead, you have to choose select Edit Configuration from the drop-down list for the Default Configuration. You will see a screen something like this:

The next bit is a little tricky – you have to click the + button as indicated above – but nothing happens!!!!

Well, actually something does happen, and if you scroll to the bottom of the list, you will see a configuration profile called New1 (or in my case, New1, New2 & New3 because I’d clicked the + button 3 times!)

Select the New1 configuration and click Edit

Give your Profile an appropriate name, such as OSP Inet Mobile, enter the telephone number of *99#, and enter an APN name of, ond of course, click OK.

When you get back to the main screen, you will have to select your newly created configuration, and click Connect

Now when you browse to a web page, you will be presented with the page where you can enter your timecode and you are away browsing!

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8 Responses to Making the Digicel Dongle work on a Macintosh for the Data Nets/Online South Pacific inetMobile network

  1. Albert says:

    hey guys!

    Do you know if I can get this Digimodem working on a OS X 10.7 (lion)?

    I tried to install but seams that the new sistem does not recognises the modem, so nothing apears on the net menu on sistem preferences……………

    Any sudgestions?


    • rednectar says:

      Never tried it on Lion. Sorry. In fact I haven’t used my dongle since I got a MiFi – much less hassle and you can use the same SIM as the dongle and connect up to 5 devices.

  2. Mark says:

    So I’ve finally been able to connect by making two changes. The APN should be and “save username and password” should not be checked. This will get me online but the connection is one of the slowest I’ve ever experienced – about 5 minutes to load a page. I’m in Goroka. Are you aware of the coverage and speed in PNG? So far, this dongle appears to be a bad investment.

    • rednectar says:

      If you set the APN to then your traffic will be tallied against a Digicel data-usage plan and you’ll be charged per KB – you can use an ordinary Digicel SIM in your dongle to do this. Your traffic also gets routed out of the country differently too.

      I have heard some reports that the Digicel data plan gets much more expensive than the Data Nets/OSP time-based plan.

      Regarding the speed, you’d be best ringing the support folk at Data Nets or Digicel about that.

      Chris (RedNectar)

  3. Mark Eby says:

    This information is more than anyone else has been able to tell me but I still can’t connect. The error message reads “A connection could not be established to the PPP server. Try reconnecting etc. Are there network settings on the Mac that also have to be set? Thanks for the tips.

    • rednectar says:

      Mark – I’m back in Aus right now so I can’t explore this further at the moment. I do remember having to check that the drivers were installed – if you go to System Preferences -> Network, you should see a ZTEUSBModem and a ZTUSBATPort adapter. I notice my ZTUSBATPort adapter shows:
      Configuration: time.digicel.png (I think this is my name – the important bit is below)
      Telephone Number: *99#
      The other fields are blank
      Click on Advanced and I see
      Vendor: Generic
      Model: GPRS (GSM/3G)
      CID: 1

      • Mark says:

        Hi Again,
        Thanks for replying so quickly, even though I just noticed! I’m giving it another shot following all your instructions but still no luck. Does your ZTEUSBModem setting have the same information? I’m using Mac OSX 10.6. It may be just something minor but it would be nice to get it working. The other option I’m considering is to install Bootcamp and Windows but I’d prefer not to go that route. Thanks for your help.

      • rednectar says:

        Hi Mark,
        Unfortunately, I found last time I visited PNG I wasn’t able to connect anymore, even using my own advice 😦
        I’m not sure whether it was because there had been an update to OSX or what, but alas I had no luck and had to revert to other means to get access.
        Bootcamp may be an option, but a messy one. I had a quick shot at trying to get the Dongle to work via a VMware copy of Windows 7, but had no luck there either.

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