Acronym Feast

I attended Cisco Live last week. I’ve just compiled a list of the acronyms that I didn’t know!

Cisco VXI (Virtual eXperience Infrastructure)
HVD – Hosted Virtual Desktop
MMR – Multi Media Redirection
VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
VXC – Virtual eXperience Client
Cisco’s phone “Backpack” boxes
VXC2111 supports PCoIP
VXC2112 supports ICA/RDP
VXC2200 Stand alone PC/Media box (2x IPs)
VXCC – Virtualization eXperience Communicator Client
VXI – Virtual eXperience Infrastructure

CCKM – Cisco Centralised Key Management
WMM – WiFi Multi Media (802.11e)

Fabric Path
CE – Classical Ethernet
FHRP – First-Hop Redundancy Protocol (Includes VRRP, HSRP & GLBP)
GLBP – Gateway Load Balancing Protocol
MHSRP – Multi-Home

LISP – Locator ID Separation Protocol

ALT – ALternate Topology
DFZ – Default Free Zone
EID – Endpoint IDentifier
ETR – Egress Tunnel Router
ITR – Ingress Tunnel ROuter
xTR – Ingress &/or Egress Tunnel Router

GET – Group Encrypted Transport
MDB – Mapping DataBase
MR – Map Resolver
MS – Mapping Server
RTR – Proxy (ingress or egress) Tunnel Router
PETR – Proxy Egress Tunnnel Router
PITR – Proxy Ingress Tunnel Router
RLOC – Route LOCator
SMR – Solicit Map Request

PfR – Performance based Routing
BR – Border Router
MC – Master Controller
PIRO – Protocol Independant Route Optimisation

SAF – Service Advertisement Framework
VSG – Virtual Security Gateway
VNMC – Virtual Network Management Centre
SGT – Security Group Tag

SaaS – Software as a Service
PaaS – Platform as a Service
IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

DCI – Data Centre Interconnect

Data Recovery
RPO – Recovery Point Objective (Where do go back to to start recovery)
RTO – Recovery Time Obective (How long before recovery is complete)

OTV – Overlay Transport Virtualization (MAC in IP)
RHI – Remote Host Insertion
DWS – Dynamic Workload Scaling

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