CCNA – Now What?

I just answered a question on another forum and thought the answer might be worth posting here.

I’ve just finished CCNA. Of course, the guys I’m talking to, they are motivating me to do their CCNP course as well.
Do you think its beneficial?

The decision as to the level of certification you want achieve can be driven by many things; here are the three main factors.

  1. If you work for a CIsco reseller or Training Partner, they wil be required to have x number of CCNAs, CCNPs CCIEs etc depending on their level/status etc. The more certs you have, the more valuable you are to them. Or of course, if you don’t work for such and organisation, but think you would LIKE to, then the more certs you have when you apply for the job the better.
  2. You need to manage and configure the routers/firewalls/VoIP systems etc in your own organisation, and just want to learn how to do your job. In this case, one of the CCNA specialties might be better – CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, CCNA Wireless or CCNA SP.
  3. You just want to learn more about this stuff. In which case – go for it!

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