Rant on Microsoft Word – Need “Keep with Previous”

I’m sick of having paragraphs of text in Microsoft Word that won’t stick together as I would like. MS Word’s answer is to have a paragraph property that says “Keep with next“. Now this is pretty stupid, because when you write a section of text, you want all the paragraphs EXCEPT THE LAST ONE to stick on the same page.

A far more useful property would be “Keep with previous” – then I would set my styles so that most styles except headings had the “Keep with previous” attribute, and page breaks would miraculously appear so that each new page would start with a heading of some sort most of the time.

As it is now, I have “Keep with next” set for many of my styles, especially list-type styles, and I am continually having to go to the last item in the list and turn off the “Keep with next” attribute so huge chunks of text don’t suddenly jump to the next page. Then of course, if you have to add something to the list, you have to go through the whole process again.

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  1. Phil says:

    Use Framemaker – has paragraph style properties; keep with next and keep with previous

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