Damn you Microsoft and your forced reboot! HOW DARE YOU!

I’ve just lost 30mins (at least) of work.  I was was in the middle of doing a complicated install of a virtual machine (I was installing FreeBSD on a QEMU virtual machine) and documenting each step.  All of a sudden, a message appears from Windows 8 telling me that my computer is about to reboot in 15 minutes.  There’s no way I can finish this job in 15 minutes, not carefully anyway.  However, I did rush to try and managed to get to the last step (although my notes were such a mess now that I’d still would have probably had to go through the whole thing again anyway) and bang! Microsoft whammied me!  It all gone.  Everything I was working on GONE.

I’ve now turned off automatic updates, but what a rude and totally unacceptable practice Microsoft has imposed on us. Shame on you MS

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4 Responses to Damn you Microsoft and your forced reboot! HOW DARE YOU!

  1. JOhn BLoodworth says:

    I dont know if it just a crummy WAP or win 8 but on my system i have noticed that if i have pending updates and have not yet rebooted my wifi starts dropping out.

    • rednectar says:

      Hmmm. I haven’t noticed. BUt then I run Win8 as a VM on OS X, so it uses a VMware interface to the Host computer, which then uses WiFi. Win8 doesn’t know it is going through WiFi.

  2. Frank says:

    You can use the shutdown /a command which will abort the scheduled shutdown. I learned that the hard way lol

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