HOW TO install GNS3 on Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian

I wrote a script to keep my Linux Mint 17.0 GNS3 v1.0 beta install updated.
[Edit: The script has been updated to download the latest release version, rather than the beta version]

This script has been tested on 32 bit Linux Mint 17 and 32 bit Ubuntu 14.04, and is an updated version of my earlier alpha installer.

Download the script from this post on the new GNS3 Jungle website, and decompress the file in your home directory (or wherever you choose) and make sure you run the script as sudo (it will remind you to do so if you forget)

The script attempts to setup the GNS3v1 beta on your existing Linux system.

It is based on instructions at and and

If you have problems, please refer to the forum posts. Good Luck

It will, depending on the type of install you choose:

* Create my recommended directory structure for you

* Install git (developer install)

* Install subversion (developer install)

* Install bison parser generator (developer install)

* Install flex lexical analyzer (developer install)

* Install all the python stuff you need

* Install dynamips

* Install pip

* Install Dan Lintott’s gns3-converter

* Install vboxwrapper and VirtualBox

* Install iouyap -Ref:

* Fix link to libssl1.0.0 -Ref:

* Install SSH

* Install Wireshark

* Install VPCS

* Install BBE

* Install ROXTerm

* Create a iourc file for you (you’ll have to add your own licence)

* Add an entry to your hosts file for

* Install gns3-server (beta)

* Install gns3-gui (beta)

When run (must be run as sudo) it will give you 6 options:

An archive install installs dynamips from the deb repository, and gns3 
components from the latest release version using wget (Safest option)

A developer install pulls latest development sourcecode for dynamips, 
iouyap, vpcs, gns3-server and gns3-gui using git clone or git pull 
(or svn for vpcs)
This is the bleeding edge code.

Full install options re-installs everything - no questions asked
Note: Will not overwrite iourc if it exists
Normally, supplemtary apps like pip and ssh are skipped if already installed.
The full archive install can also be invoked using the -full command line 

Would you like:
a. an interactive archive (release version) install?
A. an archive (release version) install? - no questions asked.
f. a full archive install (re-installs everything)? - no questions asked.

d. an interactive developer (bleeding edge) install?
D. a developer (bleeding edge) install? - no questions asked.
F. a full developer install (re-installs everything)? - no questions asked.

q. quit. Get me out of here!

a/A/d/D/f/F/q [a]

About RedNectar Chris Welsh

Professional IT Instructor. All things TCP/IP, Cisco or Data Centre
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8 Responses to HOW TO install GNS3 on Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian

  1. Bill Laing says:

    I agree with you that the “official” Linux guide is lacking. It did not work for me today even after I got round the fact that the guide starts by downloading a tar.gz file but the instructions then proceed as for a .zip download.

    Your script allowed me to complete my first GNS3 V1.x on a Linux machine.

    As a contributer to the funding, I had hoped that the documentation for the Linux version would have got a little more attention than it has so far but it’s early days I suppose.


    • the guide starts by downloading a tar.gz file but the instructions then proceed as for a .zip download.

      I reported this to the admin team about a week ago. However, I know that they are very busy, and do rely on volunteers (like me) to do some of the legwork, so hopefully my script will keep you out of trouble.

      • Bill Laing says:

        They could adopt your script and build their Linux installation instructions around that.
        I’m sure it could be deconstructed and used as components (e.g install Dynamips) as well as being used as a complete install. I might try this myself. If nothing else I would learn abit more about Linux scripting.


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  3. Dave says:

    God Bless you RedNectar for making this script. It saved me a lot of my time and headache. Good job!

  4. Vinny says:

    Thanks a lot RedNectar, I was able to install gns3-beta2 (currently the last release) smoothly on ubuntu 14.04 x86 thanks to your flawless script. Amazing!

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