Guest Post! WTF Are all those Checkboxes? (ACI L3 Outs) – Part 2 of ???

Found this great post explaining a lot of fine detail on ACI L3 outs – make sure you check out the original!

Come Route With Me!

My friend and colleague Mr. Jason Banker recently ran into some good times with the mysteries of the ACI L3 Out Checkbox Madness! He Slack’d me and told me he’d found some clowns blog post about it (yours truly) and that some updates and additional information was needed, so he kindly volunteered some time to help out! Without further ado here is Jason’s Checkbox Madness:

As we continue to deploy fabrics we always joke about these damn routing checkboxes shooting us in the foot.  We play with different scenarios in the lab to ensure we understand how these pesky boxes work and what other options we have for future deployments.   The scenario here was to use get different OSPF areas connected to the same border leaf using ACI as the transit.  This scenario brings up some certain challenges and hopefully my testing will help others understand it a little better…

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