Why have WordPress made it soooo hard to follow someone?

WordPress, you have hosted my blog since 2010.  I won’t start a tirade of things you STILL can’t do on WP, but I am going to have a whinge about one feature you have obscured.

Why have WordPress made it soooo hard to follow someone?  I should never have to respond to a reader’s comment such as the one I got today.

I would like to thank you sooooo much for such a awesome ACI blogs, I found things here which are not well documented even in Cisco Docs. You are surely doing a great job. I wish to find a subscriber button on your website and keep up with your great work.

For those who would like to follow my blog, or any other wordpress.com blog, you have to move your cursor to the bottom right-hand corner of the page, and/or scroll up a bit (scrolling is clearly the only option on a mouseless device). You will then get an option pop up giving you the chance to follow or subscribe to my blog.


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2 Responses to Why have WordPress made it soooo hard to follow someone?

  1. Stephen McGuire says:

    I usually copy the blog url into feedly and it picks it up with no issues. I use the free version of feedly and have for quite some time.

    • Avery Abbott says:

      I was going to say the same thing. I just got moved from Digg to Feedly yesterday and Feedly makes it easy.

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