How to schedule Hyperflex Scheduled Snapshots

If you have been using Cisco’s Hyperflex and have used the Flash/Flex vCenter Plugin to create a schedule to take snapshots, then when upgrade your Hyperflex plugin, you’ll find that the Schedule Snapshots option has GONE

This article show you how you can still schedule snapshots even if you are using the HTML5 plugin.

The secret is that you don’t need the plugin. All you need to do is make sure you take ONE snapshot using Hyperflex Connect ot the HTML5 plugin. This will ensure that the all-important SENTINAL snapshot is taken, which ensure that all future snapshots will be Hyperflex Native snapshots rather than the old VMware REDO type snapshots.

Step 1: Take a snapshot using the HTML5 plugin.

Right-click on your VM, select Cisco Hyperflex (way down the bottom) and choose Snapshot now

Step 2: Validate the SENTINAL snapshot

If the snapshot worked, you will see a snapshot called SENTINAL when you manage snapshots in vCenter

The existence of the SENTINAL snapshot validates that you have a Hyperflex Native snapshot and this will prevent VMware from even being able to create a REDO snapshot.

Step 3: Create your Schedule

In vCenter, locate your VM in Hosts and Clusters, click on the Configure tab, then click Scheduled Tasks, click NEW SCHEDULED TASK and finally Take Snapshot

That’s pretty much it – you’ll just need to give the task a name and set the schedule for when you want to run it!

Happy Scheduling



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