Webex multi-screen support – where is it Cisco?

This is a reprint (with pictures) of an idea I submitted to Cisco – please support and vote for it after clicking this link.

Many Webex users have multiple screens, yet Webex fails to make use of this beyond the ability to share one of those screens – at least in Webex (Teams) and Webex Meetings – last time I checked in the obsolete Webex Training not even that was available.

The takeaway

I’d like Cisco to move to a default two window model when screen sharing is active. For the presenter, one “window” would be the screen being shared. And ALL the pesky panels in a SINGLE window that can be managed as a single unit and remember where it lives when screen sharing stops. For the viewer, one window for the screen being shared and one for the collection of other panels.

In this discussion, I am writing from the Webex Meetings experience, but probably the ideas are applicable on other variations. I’m also writing from the point of view of a macOS user – there may be some variations tot Webex behaviour in other versions. Now there are MANY ways and instances where this could be implanted, but I wish to fist make the distinction between a Presenter who is sharing a screen, and a Participant, who is juggling trying to view that screen while keeping track of chats, Q&A etc.

The Presenter – the person SHARING a screen.

For the Presenter, when I share my screen, I need to option to create a panel window. – or the option to NOT use a panel window and put up with what we have now – floating windows covering your shared screen until you move them. (I have 3 screens, some colleagues have more)

This is my shared screen. I want to move ALL those overlay panels into a single window

The panel window should show ALL the other panels: the participants video feeds, the chat, the Q&A etc ALL in a single window that can be maximised (or not) and NOT appear over the top of every window in every space (currently, if i open say the chat window and move it to my second screen, it sits in from to all other content on that window, and EVEN WHEN I SWAP TO ANOTHER SPACE it STILL sits on top of the windows on THAT other space (Windows users may not understand spaces, but macOS users will).

My second screen cluttered with multiple pesky panels

If I wanted that window to be in all spaces, I’d CHOOSE to make that window available on all desktops!

So please don’t force your screen onto every desktop unless I choose!

But I digress – back to the proposed panel window

This Panel Window should remember its settings, so it the presenter STOPs sharing a screen, but later resumes sharing, the Panel Window should remember how it was set up last time. I envisage that the panel window would have many options for showing, hiding, focusing on speakers etc

So to recap – I’d like all my floating panels in ONE SINGLE window, and only appear on one desktop (unless I choose to show on all desktops). Something like this:

This is my mock-up of how a second window might look.

This is a mock-up of how I MIGHT arrange the panels on my second screen, I’d envisage that the second secret would be something like the current Participant’s screen but without the shared screen.

AND I’d like Webex (Meetings) to remember this layout should I stop sharing and then start sharing again.

If another person is talking, I’d particularly like that person’s image (or video if they are using it) to dominate (and show their name) something like above (where I’ve had to ADD the name under the picture – I want the name there even if the video is on)

The Participant – the person viewing the shared screen

Now Cisco has made some great improvements with the experience for the viewer in terms of the options for layouts. But still no support for a second screen.

Why can’t a participant move the presenter’s shared screen to another monitor?

Why can’t a participant move the bit that is being shared to another screen, and have Webex support two windows, like what I’ve described above for the presenter?

Cisco – please improve your support for multi-screen layouts. We have moved to a world of working from home where MANY people have to put up with this day in and day out. It is So frustrating being forced to use Webex when there are so many limitations.


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