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Is EIGRP a Hybrid Routing Protocol or Advanced Distance Vector Routing Protocol?

Is EIGRP a Hybrid Routing Protocol or Advanced Distance Vector Routing Protocol? This question was discussed recently on the Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching Study Group website.  It took me years to work out that the problem with this question … Continue reading

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CCNA Certification Changes 2013 Summary

On 26 March 2013, Cisco announced new CCNA certifications.. Here is my interpretation of the changes. In a nutshell ICND1 is now considerably harder, absorbing much of the ICND2 content (IPv6, ACLs, VLANs and OSPF) while ICND2 seems to be … Continue reading

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How to do CCNA exam routing simulation questions

I’ve just received the following for a student who failed his first CCNA attempt: “I had a problem with the EIGRP routing simulation. Another person who sat this exam & passed had the same simulation and neither of us could … Continue reading

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Understanding the “network” statement in IGP configuration on Cisco routers

The “network” statement used on Cisco routers for IGP (RIP, OSPF & EIGRP) configuration is one of the most mis-understood configuration items of a router config.  I tell people that: The “network” statement describes a list of interfaces. It tells … Continue reading

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