Clearly too much frenzy at click frenzy

It was advertised as

The Sale that stops a nation
Click Frenzy is Australia’s first national online-only mega-sale!

I heard about this mega-sale when at the vMware forum (Sydney) last week – and (I wish I could remember who) some presenter telling us how their virtualised cloud service was going to be able to handle the thousands of web hits expected to start flooding into the site at 7pm tonight when the sale started.

It is now 8:20pm and I’ve been in a clicking frenzy for an hour – both on my desktop and my iPad. Let me assure you, there site is not coping. I have not been able to even get to the main page, let alone login (you had to pre-register, so they would have had some indication of how to plan for this)

One big failure for cloud computing that I’m going to love using as an example in future classes. Can’t wait to hear what really happened. I bet there’s some heated phone calls going on right now as the inevitable blame game begins!

Update: 8:45
Well some sort of connection is up – I think it translates to “We goofed up big time”


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