Vodafone? no – Vodafail!

I know the Vodafail tag is an old joke, but for me it is a joke no longer. Twelve months ago I signed up for another two years with Vodafone, sucked in by promises of “our network will get better, we are spending billions on upgrading it.”
Vodafone, you lied! Your east coast Australian network is crap, even twelve months later.
Now I can live without 3G at home in Belrose, because I have wireless at home, but sitting here at Circular Quay next door to the Opera House, one of Australia’s most popular tourist spots, on a Sunday morning and having my 3G signal come and (more commonly) go is simply unacceptable. I’ve had enough Vodafone, I want out.
My disenchantment has been coming for a while, but really got to fever pitch on a recent holiday to South West Rocks, one of the top ten holiday destinations on the NSW North Coast. I checked the coverage maps before I left, and was disappointed to see that 3G coverage was marginal, but luckily my ipad is with Telstra, so I figured I’d have to put up with that, but I did expect to be able to send text messages and make phone calls. But no. While my sons who had Optus and Telstra phones were able to laugh at me for buying Vodafone, offering condensing platitudes like “It’s OK Dad, here, use my phone”, I felt more and more cheated by Vodafone’s empty promises one year ago.
Vodafone, it’s time to get your act together.I’m stuck with you for about another ten months, but come June I’ll be looking at paying out my contract just to get away from your substandard service.

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