Windows 8 Install – What a ridiculous product key

Not Happy. Since I have a Mac, I had to buy the System Builder version of Windows 8 to legally run it in a Virtual Machine. I don’t have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is the fact that:

      1. I could not buy this version as a download; and
      2. I could not buy this version at my local stores, I had to order it via mail-order

But that is not my main problem.  The package came soon enough, and then I was required to enter the product code.  This is where it gets ridiculous.  The product key is written in 4pt font against an background that is guaranteed to make sure you can’t read it.  After eight attempts of trying to decipher whether a particular minuscule hieroglyphic was an 8 or B; V or Y; C or G I finally had to resort to taking a photograph of the product key with my phone so I could then zoom in on the characters.

How ridiculous.  Microsoft, you may hate me for not buying one of your fancy new tablet PCs, but there is no need to get nasty aout it to make it sooooo hard to do a legal install.  I must say I was tempted to find a dubious copy of XP and upgrade it, just so I could get an online download, but I didn’t.  At least then I would have got a product key in a readable form.


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