Best after sales support I’ve ever had. Thumbs up for Everki

So here is my backpack. I’ve cut the straps and destroyed it. It was the best backpack I’ve had in 20 years of lugging around a computer



So why did I cut the straps?

To answer that, have a look at another photo.


In this one you can see that the zipper on my backpack has broken 😦

So what has that got to do with cutting the straps?

And to answer that, I’ll have to tell you about the support I got from Everki when I told them about the broken zipper.

I have a problem with my Beacon laptop bag. There is part of the zip that seems to have got out of step and missed a bit – and one of the fasteners has become detached. See attached photos.

Is this covered by my “Lifetime Warranty”? If so, what do I do next? I *THINK* I bought it directly from your online store.

BTW – I LOVE the bag – it has been the best bag I have EVER had (and I’ve been carrying a laptop almost daily since 1995)

What followed was a series of exchanges asking me to return the bag, me explaining that I couldn’t because I was travelling so much and so on – every step of the way I got fantastic understanding from Andrea and her supervisor to the point where I didn’t have to return the bag, just a) cut off the serial number, and b) cut the straps.

Here is the result:

2015-05-17 16.07.04



A brand new bag shipped to me in Australlia at no expense to me.

Thank you Everki, I love your product and I love your service even more. And a special thanks to Andrea who patiently took me through the process even when I send the wrong pictures!







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