New CLI coming for Cisco ACI/APIC

This video on youtube shows off the NX OS style CLI coming for Cisco ACI with version 1.2 code for the APIC and version 11.2 ACI switch code.

The slides shown at the beginning of the video mention a release date of December 2015. That’s not far away!

I watched the video (20mins) and noticed a couple of interesting things in the CLI

  1. Application Profiles are configured using the application configuration command, although the speaker still referred to it as an “Application Network Profile”
  2. Private Networks are configured using the vrf context  configuration command. I love consistency!
  3. From a snippet of code he showed, it looks like filters are referenced within subjects as access-groups. Clearly trying to appeal to the old CLI jockeys rather than making a clean correlation to the already flawed and inconsistent GUI, or even a correlation to the the API classes and distinguished names.


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