MS Community Robot Finds Word Tables Offensive

I posted this question on the Micsoft Community board and in the course of the following discussion, I posted this picture of a MS Table with the Language incorrectly set.

But suddenly, it was removed from my discussion.  Replaced by the dreaded missing image icon, and the only indication of what had happened was in the History of the post:

Now I know many things about MS Tables are offensive, the fact that I can’t change the Language setting for a Table Stlye for one – but a picture of a table? Come on MS, what’s the deal? Did you think my arrow was too pointy? Or was the angle-of-the dangle at the wrong angel? Or was it that I posted a picture of a …. “box” (Snigger, snigger)

Whatever the reason, I’m pissed off that I can’t add reasonable pictures to a post.

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